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Chapel of Nain
Investiture June 03rd 2012



June 03rd 2011 saw approx 20 people seated in the Chapel of Nain to witness the event of an Investiture of an Award upon a recipient by HRH Prince Leonard.

HRH Prince Leonard was assisted in the proceedings by HRH Princess Shirley, and Sir Steven G.P. Baikie KGCRO., ADC.

In attendance were a number of friends and peers of the recipient who travelled up from Perth to witness and take part in the occasion as well as a number of visitors to the Principality who were present at the time and so took the opportunity to be present at such a rare event as well as Grand Duchess Annette, the Grand Duchess of Hutt and Duchess Lynette, the Duchess of Carmel who also dropped in.
A picnic/BBQ style lunch was enjoyed by Sir Richard and his group along with Sir Steve & the Baikie family and following the Investiture, HRH Prince Leonard & Princess Shirley hosted an informal afternoon tea in the PHR Tea Rooms for those in attendance for the day.

Sir Richard Ananda Barton KOWL., BA (Hons).
Being Honoured at this special event was Sir Richard Ananda Barton KOWL., BA (Hons) who was bestowed with the rank of Knight in the Order of Wisdom & Learning in the January 2012 Honours list. Sir Richard was highly supported in his nomination for Honours by his Peers and appreciation for his efforts and dedication to the communities in which he provides so much of his time and energies was again ably supported and proven by the number of people that took the time (and expense) to travel such a distance in order to be part of this day with him.

Photo's of the occasion
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      Group on arrival
    Above: Sir Richard and his group visit the information bay on arrival.    
    First stop ----- Government Offices
  Above:  Sir Richard and his party, as well as his guests & some visitors, are shown through the Post Office  

Visa Control

  Above:  Formality underway ----- Sir Richard and all visitors have passports checked and visa's issued  
    Secession Monument
    Above:  Prince Leonard stops on his way across to the arcade to offer further information and to take some questions    

Memorabilia in the arcade

  Above:  HRH Prince Leonard shows everyone through the memorabilia displays in the arcade  
  Above:  HRH Prince Leonard demonstrates the, by now, famous "Computer Pen of PHR". Some try it out!  
  Investiture in the Chapel of Nain
Above:  Sir Richard kneels to receive the Dubbing from Prince Leonard and is then presented with his Certificate and Jewel.
  Above: Presentation of a beautiful painting to HRH by Sir Richard and a lovely china "Blue Wren" is presented to HRH Princess Shirley by Mrs Maureen Barton. Prince Leonard, Sir Richard Barton KOWL & Princess Shirley pose for photographs.
  Above:  Mrs Maureen Barton, HRH Prince Leonard, Sir Richard Barton KOWL & HRH Princess Shirley pose for the cameras. Above:  Maryam with HRH's Prince Leonard & Princess Shirley.

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    Photo's provided by others!
    Thanks to: Ms Aisha Novakovich    

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