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41st Anniversary Honours List

Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of the
 41st Anniversary of Secession!
Twenty First day of April 2011

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The Honourable


Joseph T. Lancaster
Awarded the Title of "The Honourable" by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of his 80th Birthday celebrated on March 03rd 2011.
This award was bestowed with the assistance, love and support of Hon Joseph's family :



Hon. Joseph T. Lancaster



Order of Wisdom and Learning



Companion  (COWL)



Ms. Rhianna Knable
(Armidale, NSW. AUSTRALIA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Companion of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
Outstanding performance in education & learning achieved at such a high level and at such a young age.

Rhianna graduated from from high school at age 16 and was also DUX of the school and was then selected into an Advance Science Degree program at University of Queensland. In addition to that she was awarded not one but two scholarships! She has just been invited to travel to Vienna, Austria to study and do research over their summer, Rhianna is the only student from Australia to be invited; the remaining students are from institutions like Cambridge University, University of Edinburgh, M.l.T. {Massachusetts Institute of Technology), NYU etc.
Rhianna also mentors students at University of Queensland, executes programs for the Society of Undergraduate Science Students and Faculty of Science, University of Queensland as well as many other such activities. In addition to all this, Rhianna still finds time and manages to help pack and deliver toys to children in need over the Christmas holidays, helped in the disaster relief programs for the recent floods in Queensland (even though she too was flooded out of her own home) as well as provide support for various refugee programs.
Rhianna by the age of 22 will not only have completed her Honours Degree in Bachelor of Biotechnology majoring in Molecular Biotechnology, but also her Ph. D.
To have done all this at her age is a truly remarkable achievement, most people would just be finishing their university years at this point in their lives.
A young lady who's future should be watched!


Ms. Rhianna Knable COWL


In December 2012 Ms Rhianna Knable COWL. graduated from the University of Queensland with First Class Honours in her Honour's Degree in Biotechnology/Microbiology (age 20).

January 29th 2013 saw the announcement that Rhianna had been awarded a Full PhD Scholarship at Cambridge University; she will be at  http://www2.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.UK/

Rhianna is certainly to be congratulated at once again achieving the highest level of education in her chosen field of study and again achieving such in an even quicker time than was envisaged, her future only bodes of the very best!
  Ms Rhianna Knable COWL. L - R
Lady Sharon van der Hoek (Mother)
Ms Rhianna Knable COWL.
Sir Dennis Knable KRO (Father)


Ms Rhianna Knable COWL.  

Ms Rhianna Knable COWL.





Knight  (KOWL)


  Hon. Jeffrey Stodart Poole COWL
(North Shields, SOUTH AUSTRALIA)
Counsellor on Genealogy and Heraldry to the Earl Marshal.
PHR Senior Archivist

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
On-going service and efforts on behalf of the Principality and its Sovereign.

Hon. Jeffrey has continued to support both the Sovereign and the State in his capacity as advisor on Genealogy and Heraldry to the Earl Marshal. He has also taken on the responsibilities and the work involved in his additional position as PHR Senior Archivist which finds him hard at work supporting the Principality in recovering evidence of the History of PHR from various sources and helping to make sure that all that is possible is recovered, collated and then archived here in Nain so that future generations will have the true and factual history of PHR to study and learn about.

Efforts across the board of his responsibilities that have already produced
some great gains for PHR and efforts that have not gone un-noticed.

VISIT - PHR Royal College of Heraldry


Hon. Sir Jeffrey Stodart Poole KOWL


Commander Roger Thompson RHRN, M.A.
(Yongin, KOREA)
Commander, Royal Hutt River Navy
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
On-going service and efforts on behalf of the Principality and its Sovereign in his position as Commander in the Royal Hutt River Navy and to the Navy fraternity and the areas of teaching/learning in general.

Professor Thompson is a distinguished author on naval matters – full details of which are published on the PHR ‘Meet the People’ website. His second book, ‘Lessons not learned: The US Navy’s Status Quo Culture’, published by the prestigious US Navy Institute Press, is one of the institute’s best sellers. It has received critical acclaim from many quarters, as have his Masters dissertation and his first book 'Brown Shoes, Black Shoes and Felt Slippers: Unions of the Post-War U.S. Navy.'


Commander Sir Roger Thompson KOWL,. RHRN., M.A.

Resignation from the RHRN & PHR Diplomatic Corps by Mr Thompson was accepted Dec 2012
He consequently renounced his Citizenship and Honour in February 2013.



Illustrious Order of Merit




Officer  (OIOM)


  Hon. Joseph T. Lancaster
Bestowed with the Rank of Officer in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Service to the Principality & its Sovereign.

In 1972 during the initial construction work to be carried out after the secession. Hon Joe was a brick layer involved in the construction of Crown Prince Ian's house, the Post Office and Government Building as well as the main public ablution block in Nain, the shearing sheds and a number of other buildings over a 9 month period. All of the buildings that he was involved in building are standing strong today and still in full use.
In recognition of one of the early workers involved in the formation and growth of the fledgling Hutt River Province as it was known at that time, this award is bestowed with thanks.

Hon Joseph & partner Wendy


Hon. Joseph T. Lancaster OIOM




Commander  (CIOM)


  Mr. Ernest E. Brown BSN/HRM, Min.
(Pottstown, Pennsylvania USA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Outstanding and selfless service to others.

For many years Mr Ernest E. Brown has been supporting a church village in (the state of Battambang, village of Svaykong,) the Kingdom of Cambodia, from his personal finances, on a regular basis. His support enables the people of this village to purchase food, clothing, and basic toiletries. This money has also empowered the people to build better flood-proof wooden houses as opposed to the shabby bamboo huts they are accustomed to. Some residents have been able to buy materials to build suitable outside bathrooms so they would no longer have to go into the forest and “dig a hole”. Ernest Brown’s regular support has enabled the members of the local church to buy bibles; his finances has also enabled them purchase chairs so the elderly do not have to sit on the dirt floors of their “church”. Ernest Brown’s caring and compassionate heart allows the Cambodian church to purchase sacks of rice food and distribute it to the elderly, widows with children, and other disadvantaged villagers.


Mr. Ernest E. Brown CIOM.,  
BSN/HRM., Min.

Mr. Marshall Allen
(Peppermint Grove, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Service to sports, the Principality of Hutt River & its Sovereign.

Marshall was responsible for bringing a Perth Bicycle Road Race Team named the "Silvertails" to race under the flag of PHR in 2010 with HRH Prince Leonard as their Patron.

The team has been named
"The Royal Hutt River Silvertails" and in their new PHR Team colours they provide a sight for the eyes as they race at various events around Perth, Western Australia.
Marshall, as well as competing, provides the liaison between the team and the Principality as well as maintaining the Team website and handling Team publicity and management tasks.

A lot of effort has been put in and it is paying off well with a number of wins already under the belt for both PHR and The Royal Hutt River Silvertails, for his efforts and assistance given to this team and our Sovereign and for promoting good sportsmanship everywhere, we welcome Marshall to the ranks of the Principality honoured.

Mr. Marshall Allen CIOM





Red Cross of Hutt

The Red Cross of Hutt is a parallel organisation to the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent though independent of.

Headed by Royal Patron and Chair of the Board of Directors, HRH Princess Shirley, the Red Cross of Hutt Charitable Trust seeks to alleviate the plight of the most needy in our society through donations from ordinary people like yourself.
It is also used as the supreme recognition of the charitable works of people from all over the world in all sorts of areas and endeavours that are carried out with the care of others utmost in mind.

Those honoured with being presented with this award have truly served the care for others well.


  Mr. Ernest E. Brown CIOM
(Pottstown, Pennsylvania USA)
Bestowed with the Red Cross of Hutt

(Cont. from above)
On April 2, 2010 the company Mr Brown worked for closed some of its operations and as a result Mr Brown lost his full-time employment; non-the-less he continues to send money to the poor church village; he sees that the needs of these impoverished people are much greater that his own. Mr Brown has a true heart of compassion for human beings who are much less fortunate than he. He believes that too many people merely talk about helping a fellow human being, but not enough people do it.

It is dedication such as this that we look for to both recognise and honour.

Chairs & Church building with help from Ernest Brown


Mr. Ernest E. Brown CIOM., RCH.
, BSN/HRM,. Min.




The Principality of Hutt River

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