PHR 46th Anniversary Honours April 2016

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46th Anniversary Honours List

Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of the
 46th Anniversary of Secession!
Twenty First day of April 2016




The Honourable


      Aleksandra Snitsereva

Bestowed the Title of "The Honourable" for services to the Sovereign.

The Hon. Aleksandra Snitsereva




Order of Wisdom and Learning


  Companion  (C.O.W.L.)  


      Rev Dr. Jerome Grotts MAT., BS., DD.
Rogers, Arizona - U.S.A.

Bestowed with the Rank of Companion of the Order of Wisdom and Learning.
Nominated by his Peers and now recognized by the Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River.

 For more than a decade, Rev. Dr. Grotts has provided guidance and support in the field of environmental education and occupational safety for more than 2,000 workers in North America, allowing them the opportunity to make educated choices to better their lives and that of their families.

In 2013, Rev. Dr Grotts made the decision to become a "special educator" providing specialised education program, a position that has changed the lives of the middle school students where he serves, demanding that each student learn respect, dedication, and humility.
His service to his young charges and their families is well-known throughout his community, causing parents to enrol their children in his school in order for them to become one of 'Grotts’ students.

In addition to his vocational aspirations, Rev. Dr. Grotts also provided compassion, support, and leadership in his volunteer positions as a community fire officer and chaplain, and in his current role as Deputy Commander of the 115th Composite Squadron of Civil Air Patrol, United States Air Force Auxiliary, located in Rogers, Arkansas.

Rev Dr. Jerome Grotts C.O.W.L.


  Knight  (K.O.W.L.)  
      Mr Skye Michael Lever
Richmond, N.S.W. - AUSTRALIA

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning.
 Nominated by his Peers and now recognized by the Sovereign of the Principality of Hutt River.

Skye is very strongly reputed to be an exemplary member of the community, one who has supported and volunteered for many different organisations over the years including: 10 years with Child Flight, member of the Red Cross since 2013, active member of the NSW SES (since 2012) where he responds to road crashes, floods, storms and other emergencies, being a volunteer rescue diver with Upper Hawkesbury Power Boat Club, supporter of Guide Dogs Australia which includes organising and participating in demonstrations and awareness training with dogs & handlers on buses, regular financial supporter of the Returned & Services League. Skye has also volunteered his time as a driving instructor for students from disadvantaged families who are unable to afford instructor services. There are many other organisations and matters in which Skye has involved himself with in his own time, in fact to many more to mention here so it was with pleasure that HRH Prince Leonard bestows the Knighthood in the Order of Wisdom & Learning.

Sir Skye Michael Lever K.O.W.L.




  Knight Grand Star  (K.G.S.O.W.L.)  



Rabbi Shalom Coleman GCH, CBE AM MA PH.D Hon LLD (UWA) JP


Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Grand Star of the Order of Wisdom and Learning.


Rabbi Coleman has been a friend of HRH Prince Leonard and the Principality since the PHR came to be.
Rabbi Coleman was one of the religious leaders to attend and participate in the opening ceremonies of the
Chapel of Nain, the Government Offices & Post Office in the PHR in November 1973. In return HRH Prince Leonard was an invited guest of Rabbi Coleman's attending

the opening of the New Perth Hebrew Congregation (Synagogue) in 1974.

Rabbi Coleman is also an exponent of the mathematical calculations in gematria (gematrya). It was Rabbi Coleman who encouraged Prince Leonard in his early days of research to continue in the field. Encouraging him when he had felt things were not working out the way he had expected. Prince Leonard also visited Rabbi Coleman at his home to discuss issues and findings, where Rabbi Coleman agreed that Prince Leonard was correct and encouraged him to continue with the work. Prince Leonard is happy that it had been this support of Rabbi, at this time, that had him continue and thus allowed him to reach the stage he and the PHR Royal College of Advanced Research is at today, that is believed to be, leading the world in gematria and its importance in the discoveries attained in the area of the physics of pure mathematics.


Rabbi Dr. Sir Shalom Coleman GCH., KGSOWL., CBE., AM., MA., PH.D Hon., LLD (UWA)., JP







Illustrious Order of Merit  


  Member (MIOM)  


      Patrick Dlugos
Dresden, GERMANY

Bestowed with the Rank of Member of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Outstanding support of the Sovereign and the Principality of Hutt River in general.

Patrick Dlugos M.I.O.M.





  Officer (OIOM)  



Mark Raine

Bestowed with the Rank of Officer of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Operating under the name Around Australia Adventures, Mark has been bringing visitors to the PHR for more than 2 decades.

For such outstanding support HRH Prince Leonard is proud to bestow Mark with the Rank of Officer in the Illustrious Order of Merit and all look forward to continuing the relationship, as we look forward to the next visit.


Mark Raine O.I.O.M.




Royal Order



    Knight (K.R.O.)    


      Stephen Mills
(Gladstone, Queensland - AUSTRALIA)

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Royal Order for:
Outstanding services to the Sovereign and the Principality of Hutt River

Stephen has been a supporter of Prince Leonard and the Principality of Hutt River for many, many years now.
Due to his skills and services as a professional photographer (Stephen Mills Photography), Stephen has taken many photo's, both formal and candid of HRH in action during Queensland visits and his photographic record fills a number of the historical gaps in the archives of the PHR. In fact it is Stephens photo's that were provided for use in the new stamp release bought out for this, the 46th anniversary of the PHR and the second issue in the "Past Events" series.

HRH Prince Leonard is pleased to bestow a Knighthood in the Royal Order upon Stephen,
for his services to the Sovereign and the PHR in general.

Sir Stephen Mills K.R.O.



  Knight Commander Royal Order (K.C.R.O.)  



George C Macdonald D.A., A.T.D., Aberdeen,
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Commander of the Royal Order for:

Outstanding support of the Sovereign, the Royal College of Advanced Research, and the PHR in general.

George, has supported Prince Leonard and the PHR from almost it's very inception.
George has been involved in many activities of the Principality in the past and present, his input with his gift in the Arts over the years
has been much appreciated, carrying out many activities in the PHR, associated with his experience at teaching and his gift in art.
His skills with a camera and modern photographic software has been of great assistance to us at times and his interest in the work
coming out of the Royal College of Advanced Research caused him to further develop his interest in gematria and the Fibonacci series
to the degree where he produced a chart of 'Natures Constants' which is used today by the college in it's work.

HRH is very pleased to bestow the rank of Knight Commander of the Royal Order upon George Macdonald.

Sir George C Macdonald KCRO., D.A., A.T.D., Aberdeen,




The Principality of Hutt River

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