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62nd Birthday
Honours List

Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Graeme on the occasion of His 62nd Birthday!
Sixth day of
September 2019


Order of Wisdom and Learning


  Companion  (COWL)


      Yaron Efrat
B.Sc. Physics & Chemistry., M.Sc. Physics
(Berlin - GERMANY)

Bestowed with the Rank of Companion of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
His efforts in supporting education and those seeking it as well as in seeking the betterment of adaptive learning.

As well as his providing educational support in many areas, Yaron seeks out helping those in need by way of actions such as;
Support by way of physical involvement in helping animal shelters
Working at a soup kitchen for the homeless
etc., etc.

Yaron Efrat COWL.,
B.Sc. Physics & Chemistry., M.Sc. Physics

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Yaron Efrat COWL., B.Sc. Physics & Chemistry., M.Sc. Physics


Leigh Royce
(Richmond - Victoria - AUSTRALIA.)

Bestowed with the Rank of Companion of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:

Being a tireless contributor to the community. 
A lawyer by trade, he has worked hard to improve professional standards within his industry and has contributed back through pro bono work.  He invests countless hours in mentoring young lawyers, drawing on his years of experience in regulatory and policy work. Leigh has always held a great interest in social justice and his university days completed a thesis pushing the case for greater legal protections for marginalised and disadvantaged members of the community.  During his years in Geelong, Leigh was the operator of well known local venues where he was a respected civic leader as well as a friend, confidant and, mediator to all patrons. 

In recent times, he has been an enthusiastic provider of legal training.  In his personal and professional life, Leigh ensures the wellbeing of those around him, constantly lending a supportive ear and feeding those in need of a lift.  Leigh’s sharp wit is second to none and he is always available to lift the spirits of those around him.  Despite his jocular nature and sharp wit, Leigh does not seek the spotlight and prefers to do his best work from side of stage.  In the past, Leigh has been an enthusiastic supporter of local sport – running drinks and oranges for his local cricket club and constantly lifting morale of those around him through his jovial and approachable nature.

Leigh Royce COWL
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Leigh Royce COWL.





  Dame Commander  (DCOWL)  


      Kristin Stadum
(Washington DC. - U.S.A.)

Bestowed with the Rank of Dame Commander of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
.....outstanding and most dedicated support towards reading and ensuring the supply of books and therefore knowledge to those least able to provide or obtain their own.

Kristin's peers speak very highly of her and inform us in their nomination of Kristin for PHR recognition that she constantly gives her time and effort and heart to the charities she supports and for whom she volunteers.
Kristin seeks to make a positive impact on people she doesn’t even know, in particular those who have been rendered powerless and forgotten by society; prisoners, abused families, migrant children taken from their families. This is on top of her demanding paid job.

Some of her charitable/supportive roles include:

DC Books to Prisons:

Kristin has volunteered at DC Books to Prisons for 15 years, and is currently serving on the board of Directors.
Whilst she did not start the charity, it has been through her hard work that it has survived and grown over the last decade in particular. DC Books to Prisons” is an all-volunteer organization based in Washington, DC that provides free books to individual prisoners and prison librarians in 35 states across the US. In the last 5 years, DC Books to Prisons has gathered and donated over 80,000 books to individual prisoners and over 5,000 to prison libraries. She has alone helped create and support prison libraries in three separate states and starting in 2017 she has collected and mailed hundreds of books to support nine prisoner book clubs at five Maryland prisons, often at her own expense. Here is a chart she made over a year ago for a grant proposal, and since then the book club program has continued to grow.

2000 Libros:

In response to the refugee crisis on the southern US border and the separation of children from their parents, Kristin used her experience from working with DC Books to Prisons to start a charity to provide Spanish-language and bilingual books to shelters holding detained migrant youth called 2000 Libros. With some help from friends she researched where the children were held and contacted each shelter asking if they wanted book and what kind they would prefer. While initially only planning on collecting and distributing a limited number of books (as implied with the name), the need has (unfortunately) only increased, and after a bit more than a year over 5,000 books and magazines have been distributed across the US. Initially most books came through donations from individuals, but through Kristin’s hard work larger donations from publishers and non-profits have become more common. And all this is done from her living room.

Here are links to some of the news articles and programs who have highlighted the work of Kristin and 2000 Libros –





The Reading Connection:

For the last 15 years Kristin has been an integral volunteer at The Reading Connection, a non-profit organization that improves the lives of at-risk kids and families Washington, DC, by using books to inspire a passion for learning. Each year, The Reading Connection reaches over 1,300 children and distributes more than 11,000 new books throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. As part of the charity, Kristin creates lessons and reads to children at a shelter for homeless families who have been victimized by abuse.

Breast Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis

Kristin has been an active fundraiser for Breast Cancer research for many years, in particular by participating in three-day charity walks across the US. A few years ago, Kristin was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, so she has also taken on various fundraising projects to fight that disease as well, including more three-day charity walks, which are increasingly becoming difficult for her to do. 

Hard to find a more deserving recipient of Honours recognition by the PHR.

Dame Commander Kristin Stadum DCOWL.
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Dame Commander Kristin Stadum DCOWL.



Illustrious Order of Merit  


  Officer (O.I.O.M.)  


      Shane Alderdice

Bestowed with the Rank of Member of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Services provided to and for his local community.

Shane participated in and help co-ordinate the “Destination Outback” which is a four wheel drive tour run by the Rotary Club of South Dubbo.

Shane, whilst a member of the Rotary Club, with the help of his wife and family has hosted many exchange students from many countries.
To put into words the achievements Shane has accomplished is like putting in to words the meaning of mate-ship, respect, sharing, giving but most of all the willingness to help others.
The respect Shane had earned in his life is evidenced by the numerous friends he has and the high praise he receives in day to day life, as well in his business dealings.

Shane is also a firm supporter of the Junior Rugby Union teams and he is always there to help fundraise to earn funds to help enable those junior teams to attend overseas tours.

Shane Alderdice OIOM.





  Commander  (CIOM)  


Elizabeth Saunders
M.A. Textile Design, B.A. (Hons) Textile Art. M.A. (Ed), B.A. (Hons)
(Hedge End - Hampshire - U.K.)

Bestowed with the Rank of Commander of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
Services given over so many years to her community and society in general.

                Elizabeth served as a nurse for 32 years, working in a wide range of disciplines, unfortunately she had to take early retirement due to health reasons. Following a couple of years regaining her strength she them immersed herself into textiles, gaining a wide range of City & Guilds qualifications , she then went on to complete a Degree and Masters in textiles. Still unable to work she took a project from university work and toured her work to several numerous UK exhibitions. At the end of this she then in 2016 set up and ran a major fundraising project for Alzheimer's Society, which to date has raised in excess of £7000 and involves textile artists from around the globe.
This project continues today.


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Elizabeth at Enliven a Textile Recycling Project

Elizabeth Saunders at the Gathering Memories Project Exhibition

Elizabeth Saunders CIOM
M.A. Textile Design, B.A. (Hons) Textile Art. M.A. (Ed), B.A. (Hons)




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