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91st Birthday
Honours List

Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of His 91st Birthday!
Twenty Seventh day of August 201


Order of Wisdom and Learning

    Knight (KOWL)    
      Mr. Charles Todd PhD, MForSci, BSc Hons
(McKinnon, Vic. AUSTRALIA)

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
Charles’ professional career as a scientist has been varied but has always come down to one theme and that is using mathematics to make better decisions about the management of wildlife. A trait that has been with him it would seem from birth and one in which he is still well involved with today.

In 2010, Charles formally committed to the Royal Enfield Club by volunteering to become the Club Treasurer, a role that Charles has completed diligently and competently ever since. As Club Treasurer, Charles has to perform a number of duties to ensure that the Club’s legal annual requirements, laid down by Consumer Affairs Victoria, are met producing the annual financial report for the AGM, as well as working closely with the Club’s bookkeeper to ensure that the Club’s finances are accurately maintained. Charles participates in the decision making process of the Club by being an active Executive member.

Charles worked assiduously to have the Royal Enfield Club of Australia declared as a community organisation so that the Club can run charitable events. Charles develops the artwork and organises many of the Club t-shirts for members to buy as keep sakes of various rides and rallies.
Charles' efforts towards and within the club are often taken for granted but HRH Prince Leonard likes to see people recognised for the work that they quietly do "behind the scenes' so that all runs smoothly.


Sir Charles Todd KOWL., PhD., MForSci., BSc Hons.





  Knight Commander  (KCOWL)  


      Mr. John Smith Hodgkinson
(Queensland, AUSTRALIA)

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Commander of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for:
His ongoing support of the PHR and it's Sovereign and the knowledge thus imparted by his support and involvement.


John Smith Hodgkinson KCOWL



Illustrious Order of Merit  


  Knight  (KIOM)  



Mr. Mark Wayne Whately

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight in the Illustrious Order of Merit.
For services to the community and in particular service provided to the Youth in the community both in Australia and abroad.
Mark utilises his skills, business and personal capabilities to ensure worthy causes are acknowledged and he frequently supports the efforts of local charities to attain high levels of fundraising. His financial contributions can be measured but his support, assistance and generosity cannot. Mark's tireless endeavours to give back to the community especially children is to be admired.

Sir Mark Wayne Whately KIOM





  Knight Grand Commander (KCIOM)  
      Dr. Tariq Abbasi MBE DL.
(Bexleyheath, KENT, United Kingdom)

Bestowed with the Rank of Knight Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit for:
his outstanding
Services to the Country and Charitable Causes.

 Dr Abbasi has been serving several charitable organizations in a voluntary capacity for the past 25 years. He has brought communities belonging to various colours, religions, together and for that reason her Majesty the Queen granted him the most excellent order of British Empire in 2011. He was granted the only civic award given to a civilian for services to the United Kingdom Armed Forces. He also received award form the House of Lords for services to the community. He recently received the highest civic honour `` Freedom of the Borough`` and has been made Deputy Lieutenant of Greater London.
In addition Dr Abbasi has raised Millions of pounds for various charities in the United Kingdom, which has benefited tens of thousands of people throughout the country.

Dr. Sir Tariq Abbasi KGCIOM., MBE., DL.
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Dr. Sir Tariq Abbasi KGCIOM., MBE., DL.




Serene Order of Leonard



    Knight (KSOL)    



Mr Manfred Wozniak CIOM
(Warnemünde, GERMANY.)

Elevated to the Rank of Knight of the Serene Order of Leonard for:
ongoing support
of the PHR and it's Sovereign in his position as the PHR Representative to
the Province of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
on the Baltic Sea Coast.

You can read more about Sir Manfred and his Strand Hotel here:

Sir Manfred Wozniak KIOM




Royal Hutt River Defence Forces
Office of the Commander in Chief
HRH Prince Leonard

Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, CANADA.




Commander  (CIOM)



Captain Wallace Hanson OIOM., MCM and Captain Annabelle Hanson OIOM., MCM
(Ridgedale, Saskatchewan, CANADA)

Elevated to the Rank of Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit.
For ongoing & outstanding service provided to & with the LOFICC and in so doing, to the Community of Ridgedale and surrounds.

Captain Wallace Hanson CIOM., MCM and Captain Annabelle Hanson CIOM., MCM




The Principality of Hutt River

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