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83rd Birthday
Honours List

Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of His 83rd Birthday!
Twenty Seventh day of August 2008


Order of Wisdom and Learning

Commander  (COWL)


Admiral Sir Robert J. Hartnett, Bt. RHRN., KCRO.
Bestowed with the Rank of Companion of the Order of Wisdom and Learning. Robert J. Hartnett, in addition to his active role in the Royal Hutt River Navy and as a member of the Board of Commanding Officers RHRDF, is also a highly regarded and qualified educator, university lecturer, writer and editor. He heads his own distance education consultancy, Fokus, Ltd., which represents Heriot-Watt University in Scandinavia, as well as other fully accredited distance and residential distance education programs. Prof. Hartnett also heads the Chartered Academy, a scholarly society. He is publisher of its journal, The Academician.
Sir Robert has been the director of Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University's Scandinavian Centre, for more than 14 years, and is on the external faculty of the business school for Influence, Organisational Behaviour and Negotiation for the MBA programme. He is also a visiting professor at Oslo University College, as well as Professor of Management at the Chartered Academy, the Approved Learning Partner for Edinburgh Business School. Sir Robert has run over 30 open and company workshops in Negotiation in Scandinavia, Germany and in the USA over the last four years. has an MBA from Henley Management College in England, and is a doctoral candidate of Edinburgh Business School.

Admiral Sir Robert J. Hartnett, Bt. RHRN., KCRO., COWL.

Dr. Sir Lamartine Hollanda Jr., KCRO.
Bestowed with the Rank of Companion of the Order of Wisdom and Learning
Sir Lamartine serves as PHR Consul-General to NE Brazil, and is extremely active in international consular affairs, including voluntary committees, promoting PHR interests at the same time. Dr. Hollanda practices professionally as a Medical Doctor, specializing in Psychiatry. He operates his own clinical practice in Recife. 
Sir Lamartine has diverse scholarly interests in a wide range of fields. He is a researcher and educator in addition to his diplomatic and medical activities and is descended from Italian and Brazilian nobility.

Dr. Sir Lamartine Hollanda Jr., KCRO., COWL.

Graham Douglas Fox
(Queensland, AUSTRALIA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Order of Wisdom and Learning
For his services to the Lapidary & Allied Crafts industry. 
Graham through his commitment and dedication has taken the North Brisbane Lapidary Club to be one of the largest in Queensland. He has helped many people young and old to learn the skill and art of lapidary
and fossicking for gems and minerals.

Sir Graham Douglas Fox KOWL.
















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Illustrious Order of Merit

Angelica Fuentes
Bestowed with the Rank of Officer in the Illustrious Order of Merit.
For outstanding service to Industry as well as Charitable and Educational projects.
Angelica is a director of the Imperial Group, the main distributors of natural gas in Mexico.
She was named as one of the most influential women in Mexico by
Expansion Magazine in its February 2003 edition. She was twice president of the Mexican Association of Natural Gas for a total of 4 years, until December 2000, and is currently President of the Energy Business Network of the Asia Pacific Cooperation Agreement and also CEO of Omnilife of Mexico.

Angelica Fuentes OIOM.

Richard Henry Hudson ARBS.
Bestowed with the Rank of Officer in the Illustrious Order of Merit.
For outstanding service to the Arts, as well as service to both the Sovereign and the Principality.
British artist Richard Hudson has exhibited extensively in Spain where he now lives and works.
From his base in Spain he has built up an international reputation as one the major artists working with sculpture today. He has exhibited in Europe and the US and is featured in some of the biggest private collections in the world.
The museum of Contemporary Modern art in Madrid features work by Hudson and he has been nominated to produce a piece for the 2012 Olympics in Madrid.
Richard Hudson is an artist with a constant investigative tension. After exploring manifold ways in the sculpture field, he has arrived currently to a mature, bursting with energy work. His definite material, bronze, is the one he is more at ease with, above all as far as his big size works is concerned.
The artist moves his feeling of the natural into his pieces, where modernity beats without giving up his figurative sense, the sense of the pure organic things.

Semi figurative abstract sculpture is a term that loosely describes Hudson’s work.

Richard Henry Hudson ARBS.,


Anna Barnard
Bestowed with the Rank of Officer in the Illustrious Order of Merit.
for her dedicated work with charities and her input to the local community.
Having been forced to retire early from her job as a town planner due to ill-health, Anna has spent the last 8 years attempting to put something back into the local community and also the fragile world in which we all live. Anna now spends her time on many unpaid activities which include: 

-Chairman/Councillor of the local Parish Council

-Editor of the local church newsletter, published 10 times a year and distributed free to all parishioners

-Working in a local hospice charity shop

-Being a sidesman/reader at the local Church

-Fundraising for several charities (human, environmental and animal!) by organising jumble sales, street collections and quiz evenings

-Getting involved in local issues – for example, a current campaign to prevent closure of the local Post Office and another to provide a new burial ground for villagers as the local churchyard is now full.

Anna Barnard OIOM


Deputy Chief Commissioner S. Metcalfe MCM.
(Saskatchewan, CANADA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit.
For service to the Legion of Frontiersmen..
Wife of Chief Commissioner Sir G.B. Metcalfe and Deputy Commissioner of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, Canada DCC Shirley has performed above and beyond the call of duty in her support of both the Legion and the local community. DCC Shirley, along with her husband established the Legion of Frontiersmen unit in Saskatchewan, CANADA more than 5 years ago and her efforts have helped ensure that a well established and commanded unit is now in place within that local community and an organisation is operating that HRH Prince Leonard is only to pleased to say he is the Hon Commander in Chief of!

Deputy Chief Commissioner Lady S. Metcalfe MCM., CIOM.

Graham George Kinsela
(Queensland, AUSTRALIA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Illustrious Order of Merit
For his services to the Lapidary & Allied Crafts industry.

Graham, through his commitment and dedication to his hobbies, is an instructor for wood turning, faceting and Cabochon cutting. He has taught many adults and children the finer points and skills of both fine woodwork and lapidary.

Sir Graham & HRH Prince Leonard

Graham was Secretary of the North Brisbane Lapidary Club Inc. for 3 years and  is now the Education Officer and Assistant Secretary of the Club and will be taking his skills around to all clubs in Queensland on behalf of the Queensland Governing Body for Lapidary (QLACCA) to try and increase the skill levels of all in this field.

Sir Graham George Kinsela KIOM.


Jorge Vergara
(Jalisco, MEXICO)
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Illustrious Order of Merit
For his services to the Nutritional Products industry. 

Jorge Vergara Madrigal is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Grupo Omnilife, a visionary businessman of Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, he has revolutionized the nutritional products industry.
In 1986, after a financial fall out of his distribution food company and his restaurant made him look for something to alleviate this symptoms which brought him to look into being a distributor of a nutritional products US company, which permitted him to travel and position its products,
opening up markets, including France where he lived for a while.
Later, he developed his own nutritional products, in a liquid and powder form instead of tablets.  This, based on his great knowledge of human nature, has enabled him to transform the multilevel system into a multidevelopment one: which has allowed the distributors to adapt to the different expressions of  different cultures bringing better opportunities to share, in a more equal and powerful form, the profits generated.

This is how OMNILIFE de MEXICO was born in 1991, a company that has experienced a tremendous growth, resulting in itbeing transformed to GRUPO OMNILIFE, which is ranked amongst the 200 most important companies in Mexico. Recently, through Omnilife’s MFI (Micro financing Institution) and a strategic partnership with MPowerlabs in the US, Omnilife began to develop MFI programs, through which he foresees the possibility to reach and benefit over 4.5 million distributors that Omnilife has throughout the world.
Jorge Vergara has extended his philosophy to other areas such as art, culture and sports, investing and re-investing has been one of his policies throughout the years. In the art sector he has his own music label, as in the film industry, where his participation has gained him to be one of the top 10 producers in 2002, according to Variety magazine among other recognitions. His philanthropic contribution to the community is also very significant through the creation of the Fundacin por los Nios del Planeta.

Jorge Vergara, a multifaceted leader in his projects, in his constant desire to make Omnilife's philosophy effective in all aspects of life, is convinced that success is based essentially in the fulfillment and happiness that people acquire while doing that which they like and satisfies them.

Sir Jorge Vergara KIOM.


Chief Commissioner G.B. Metcalfe CIOM., AMM
(Saskatchewan, CANADA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Illustrious Order of Merit
For his services to the Legion of Frontiersmen. 
Chief Commissioner G.B. "Barry" Metcalfe, Commander of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command CANADA, has provided loyal and dedicated service to the Legion, in various Stations , in more than one country for over 17 years now and should and is now being truly commended for his wonderful local community work that he has involved himself and many others with. As the "Chief" now "Sits back a little" his efforts will not have gone to waste with a superb and strong team of active members left to carry on the great work done in Outlook and it's surrounds by the
Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command, CANADA.

Chief Commissioner Sir G.B. Metcalfe  KIOM.,  AMM.,


Frederick Garland.
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Illustrious Order of Merit
For his services to the Royal Enfield Riders and Associations. 
Fred has been riding, repairing and restoring motorcycles since he was 15 years old.  For much of that time motorcycles, solos and outfits, were the preferred form of transport for Fred and his family. At 15 he had the opportunity to ride a 500cc 12 upswept exhaust Royal Enfield.  That ride was to have lasting impression on Fred and endeared him to Royal Enfields to the extent that, nearly 60 years later he still owns and regularly rides Royal Enfields. That’s not to say that over his lifetime Fred has only had Royal Enfields.  At some stage or other he has owned, ridden or worked on every known make, from models made in Western Europe and Asia to the USA.  Fred can tell you the good points and bad about all of them and tell you how to get them to run better along the way.
In spite of this exposure to other makes Fred still prefers Royal Enfields for their reliability, economy, comfort and ease of maintenance. At some time or other Fred has owned singles and twins of all capacities, but if you asked him his preferred bike he would choose a 350cc over all the others.
Following the 500cc, 12 Fred bought a 500cc Royal Enfield twin in 1951 but very soon after found himself a 350 single.  His love affair with the 350cc models has gone on for 55 years. Over that period Fred has gone on many a long trip throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. His last big tour followed the route taken by the Redex trials and covered a distance of 2,500 miles in 10 days. Fred has been a member of Taree Vintage motorcycle Club for over 20 years and never misses the weekly club ride or the chance to represent his club at Rallies throughout Eastern Australia on his beloved 1953 350cc Royal Enfield. Currently Fred also rides a 1999 model 500 cc Royal Enfield and has almost finished restoration of a 700cc Royal Enfield twin.
Few, other than his charming wife Nita, would realize how much Fred has achieved in his life and how much he loves motorbikes, particularly Royal Enfields.

Fred also gives freely and generously of his time and experience when fellow members call on him for assistance. His knowledge is vast and his willingness to share that knowledge a great boon to all enthusiasts. Fred enjoys every minute of his day in his workshop working on his latest project.
He is truly a Royal Enfield legend!

Sir Frederick Garland KIOM receives his Principality Award
Knighthood in the Illustrious Order of Merit 
from Bruce Walker RECoA President at the 2009 AGM held in Murwillumbah NSW.
Visible at the rear, left to right:
Anthony Wright, & Roy

Sir Frederick Garland KIOM.


Margaret Coan
Bestowed with the Rank of Dame of the Illustrious Order of Merit
For both her services to the Family Court of Australia and the Royal Enfield Club of Australia.. 
Margaret has been a hardworking Associate to Justice Mullane of the Family Court of Australia since November 1986 and throughout her more than 21 years with the Court has provided extraordinary service to both the Judge and the Court and she has demonstrated a strong level of friendship and loyalty to fellow workers and a wonderful and very useful sense of
Margaret has demonstrated wonderful skills in dealing with litigants, the profession and court personnel and is quite unflappable when dealing with difficult people.
Margaret was nominated for and received the Australia Day 2008 Achievement Award Medallion from the Chief Justice of the Australian Family Court in recognition of her service.

Apart from her extensive output of energies given to the court system in her appointed position, Margaret also wears another “hat” as the Editor in Chief of the Royal Enfield Club of Australia Inc. monthly newsletter, a task that does not come without its difficulties and challenges but a task that is advanced upon by Margaret in the same way that she approaches all tasks put before her, with encouraging professionalism and great humour.



Margaret Coan DIOM.


Marisa Berenson
(New York, U.S.A.)
Bestowed with the Rank of Dame of the Illustrious Order of Merit
For both her services to the Arts (Thespian) and efforts supporting peace. 
Marisa Berenson was born to an aristocratic family: her grandfather was art historian/collector Bernard Berenson, her maternal grandmother was fashion designer Elsa Schiafarelli, her father was a
Boston-based diplomat, and her stepmother was Marchessa Cicciapouti di Guilliano.
Reportedly, Marisa made her on-camera debut in the 1961 film Some Like It Cool. She is better known for her later career as a top-drawer fashion model, gracing the covers of all the best international fashion magazines. Hired by filmmaker Luchino Visconti for a major role in Death in Venice (1971), Berenson proved she could act, and that she was not merely a wealthy dilettante. She was quite good as Jewish bride Natalie Landauer in Cabaret (1972), Lady Lyndon in Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon (1975), and, her lovely hair buzz-cut to the bone, as a cynical death-camp inmate in the made-for-TV Playing for Time (1980). She curtailed her filmmaking activities in the 1990s. Marisa Berenson's younger sister Berry Berenson was the wife of actor Anthony Perkins.
Marisa Berenson, international actress ( Death in Venice, Cabaret, Barry Lyndon among many films), UNESCO Artist for Peace. Marisa has been campaigning strongly for peace with Unesco through educational programs after her sister Berry, died on one of the planes that crashed against the twin towers on September 11th. Marisa is also the head of the Berry Berenson Foundation, linked to UNESCO. A most remarkable woman indeed...

Marisa Berenson DIOM.



Serene Order of Leonard

Rev. Baker Stephen Covington Taylor BA., BBS., MA., MDiv.
(Texas, U.S.A./Aberdeen, SCOTLAND)
Bestowed with the Rank of Knight of the Serene Order of Leonard
For his many years of dedicated service to his faith and his community.
Rev. Baker Stephen Covington Taylor, is a Minister in the United Reformed Church and serves a congregation which is united with the Church of Scotland in Aberdeen.

The Kirk of St Nicholas is the historic 'Mither Kirk' of Aberdeen dating back to 1030 at least.

Born in 1958 in Texas, a child of the Manse, the Reverend Stephen Taylor realised a calling on his life to service in ministry in the early 1980s. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Government from the University of Texas at Austin in 1981, he completed a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree from Abilene Christian University the following year. Stephen followed this in 1985 with a Master of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. While at Seminary, and later in Abilene, he participated in archaeological digs at Khirbet Iskandar in Jordon and Banias in Israel.
Stephen combines his lifelong interest in archaeology with the study of architecture, politics and travel. He met his wife the Reverend Gillian Trew (a Methodist minister) during a week on Iona. They were married at Iona Abbey in 1995 and are both associate members of the Iona Community. They have two dogs, Barchester and Åsta, which complete their household.

After his divinity degree, Stephen worked as an Associate and Interim Minister in churches in Texas. In 1990, he crossed the pond and settled in England, serving as minister to congregations of the United Reformed Church in Greater London. In 2005, he joined the Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting as the Minister, bringing with him a passion to see this historic Kirk renewed in building and spirit – reconnected with the surrounding community.
As Minister of the Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting, Stephen seeks to encourage and provide an inviting, inclusive, ecumenical, supportive and challenging ministry, creating an atmosphere for worship, education, fellowship and service.

(Information above taken from the website of The Kirk of St Nicholas)



Rev. Sir Baker Stephen Covington Taylor BA., BBS., MA., MDiv., KSOL.


Red Cross of Hutt

The Red Cross of Hutt is a parallel organisation to the International Red Cross
and the Red Crescent.
Headed by Royal Patron and Chair of the Board of Directors, HRH Princess Shirley, the Red Cross of Hutt Charitable Trust seeks to alleviate the plight of the most needy in our society through donations from ordinary people like yourself.
It is also used as the supreme recognition of the charitable works of people from all over the world in all sorts of areas and endeavours that are carried out
with the care of others utmost in mind.
Those honoured with being presented with this award have truly served
the care for others well.

Mrs. Jetsun Pema.
(Dharamsala, INDIA)
Awarded the Red Cross of Hutt for exemplary and selfless dedication to the welfare and education of disadvantaged children.
Jetsun Pemais the living sister of the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet, born in the Tibetan village of Taktser in Amdo. Jetsun Pema was born in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, on July 7, 1940. She came to India in 1950 and studied first at St. Joseph's Convent in Kalimpong and later at Loreto Convent in Darjeeling from where she completed her Senior Year at Cambridge in 1960. In 1961, she went to Switzerland and then to England to do further studies. She returned to India in April 1964. In June 1964, she was directed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to take over the responsibility of running the Tibetan Children's Village in Dharamsala. Since then, she has been the moving force and mother of thousands of destitute and orphaned Tibetan children. The children call her "Ama La" (Respected Mother). With her dynamic leadership and untiring dedication, coupled with her sense of urgency and clarity of purpose, the Tibetan Children's Village has become one of the most successfully flourishing Tibetan institutions in exile. She became the President of the Tibetan Children's Villages in June 1964, and held that position until her retirement in August 2006. She held this position for more than 42 years, dedicating her life to educating Tibetan children in exile.

The story of the Tibetan Children's Villages is very much a part of Jetsun Pema's life. Today, TCV projects include 5 Children's Villages with attached schools, 7 Residential Schools, 7 Day Schools, 10 Day Care Centers, 4 Vocational Training Centers, 4 Youth Hostels, 4 Old People's Homes, and an Outreach program for over 2,000 children in exile.
All in all, the TCV overlooks the well-being of more than 15,000 children and youths.
(Biographical info from Wikipedia)

Brigadier-General. Sir Edward Rupert, KRO
Awarded the Red Cross of Hutt for exemplary and selfless dedication to the welfare and safety
of domestic violence sufferers.
Sir Edward Rupert, and his wife Joanne, have been working to build a new women’s shelter near Denver, Colorado to honour Michelle Young, who was killed by her husband who then took his own life. This is a large effort that has involved much fund raising. Building a multi-million dollar facility like this takes time, but progress is being made. A 5.5 acre parcel in Loveland Colorado has been located and a site inspection was completed on July 24, 2007 with the Crossroads Safehouse Board of Directors (which includes Michelle Young's Father and Step-mother, Lady Joanne Rupert, and Sir Edward).
Currently, Sir Edward is in the process of negotiating with a local businessman for the donation of a building originally built as a nursing facility, that will house over 75 women and children for up to 6 weeks. This donation to Operation Michelle has a value of over US$3,500,000  and will dramatically accelerate the speed with which the new safe-house can be opened and operational.


Colonel Sir William Speir, KRO
Sir William is Adjutant of The First North American Royal Hutt River Guards and Chief, Royal Hutt River Artillery. He has spent countless hours in organization, as well as spearheading humanitarian actions such as the Hurricane Katrina relief and Operation Michelle, the project to which both he and Brig-Gen Sir Edward Rupert have donated large amounts of personal time and efforts in order to assist and improve the plight of domestic violence sufferers, an on-going task.
He is to be commended for his selfless care for others.






























































































































































































































































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