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87th Birthday
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Awards bestowed by HRH Prince Leonard on the occasion of His 87th Birthday!
Twenty Seventh day of August 2012



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The Honourable

Mr David Howie
Awarded the Title of "The Honourable" by HRH Prince Leonard
for services to the Principality of Hutt River and it's Sovereign.

Hon. Mr David Howie



Order of Wisdom and Learning


Knight Commander  (KCOWL)


    Colonel Sir William (Bill) Speir Jr, KRO., RCH., R.H.R.A.
(Nth Florida, USA)
Elevated to the Rank of Knight Commander of the Order of Wisdom and Learning for his outstanding support and representation of the Royal Hutt River Defence Forces where, in his role as Commander, RHRA Royal School of Artillery, he continues to educate by providing schools on the safety and operations of Muzzle loading Cannon.

Conducting educational activities is a core function of the Royal Hutt River Artillery and the Royal Hutt River Military College. By providing these training programs, we build closer ties with similar organizations and advance our goals of increasing the general knowledge of and the recognition of the RHRA and the Principality.


Colonel Sir William (Bill) Speir Jr, KCOWL., KRO., RCH., R.H.R.A.




Illustrious Order of Merit  


Member  (MIOM)


    Jarryd Mills
(Mildura, Victoria, AUSTRALIA)
Bestowed with the Rank of Member in the Illustrious Order of Merit for outstanding service to the sport of Cricket in being the serving Wicketkeeper of the Principality National Cricket team the Hutt River Dedication Cricket Club for many years now, the club competes annually in the Willowfest Australian Cricket Club Championships and Jarryd was selected once again as wicket keeper for the "All Star" team formed to compete in the next level of competition following the completion of the Willowfest Championships.

Jarryd Mills M.I.O.M.


Officer  (OIOM)


The following four members of the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Command CANADA are elevated to the Rank of Officer of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:

 Having provided 24 months (on-going) Service with the Legion, which provides Support in all manner of areas to the local community & surrounds of Ridgedale, Saskatchewan in which the Unit is based in.
HRH is the proud Hon. Commissioner in Chief of the LFICC.

    Sergeant Wallace Hanson.

Corporal Annabelle Hanson.


Sergeant Theresa Ann Vogt.

Corporal Elmer Vogt.



Sergeant Wallace Hanson OIOM.
Corporal Annabelle Hanson
Sergeant Theresa Ann Vogt
Corporal Elmer Vogt OIOM.

Mr. Gerry Crown
(Eastwood, N.S.W. AUSTRALIA)
Elevated to the Rank of Officer of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:

Outstanding service as a member of the Royal Hutt River Rally Team of Gerry Crown MIOM & Mathew Bryson MIOM who successfully competed under the PHR Banner as principal driver in the 2012 Trans America Challenge where the team achieved an equal second place, Silver Medal finish.

Mr. Gerry Crown OIOM.


Mr. Matthew Bryson MIOM
Elevated to the Rank of Officer of the Illustrious Order of Merit for:

Outstanding service as a member of the Royal Hutt River Rally Team of Gerry Crown MIOM & Mathew Bryson MIOM who successfully competed under the PHR Banner as co-driver/Navigator in the 2012 Trans America Challenge where the team achieved an equal second place, Silver Medal finish.

Mr. Matthew Bryson OIOM.


Commander  (CIOM)

Jeff Graham OIOM
(Greenough, W.A. AUSTRALIA)
Elevated to the Rank of Commander in the Illustrious Order of Merit.
Jeff Graham is the leader of the Royal Hutt River Rally Team and as such is not only competing in various and mainly veteran class vehicle rally's and challenges but he is also responsible for communicating with other team members and logging activities and actions of those team members and reporting directly back to PHR as to what is happening, when and where so that we are able to follow events that have PHR involvement and report them on the PHR website so that all may be informed.
A lot of responsibility that Jeff is able to cope with well.

Jeff Graham CIOM.




Serene Order of Leonard



Knight Commander  (KCSOL)


    Sir Doug Bibby KSOL
Elevated to the Rank of Knight Commander of the Serene Order of Leonard
his ongoing and outstanding work within the local community by his efforts and in his role as Warehouse Manager, Foodbank, Geraldton, Western Australia.
Sir Doug was first recognized in the PHR Honours list back in the New Year list in 2009, and has now been with Geraldton Foodbank for approx 8 years, with the first 12 months or so as an unpaid volunteer. Sir Doug is responsible for the movement of over 40 tonne of foodstuff a month, ensuring that it is correctly shipped in and out (and sorted and stored in the meantime) every single day and that equates to overseeing the supply of over 1.2 million meals throughout the Mid-West of the State in his time with Foodbank-Geraldton. In supporting the Breakfast for all kids program, Sir Doug ships out breakfasts to 32 schools every week, supplying breakfast to approx 900 students per day, that equates to 4500 breakfasts each and every week!
Certainly a hard working and deserving member of the community and one who puts in far more hours and efforts than for which he is paid!

Read the article covering the reasons behind this Award.

Sir Doug Bibby KCSOL

Dame Grand Commander  (DGCSOL)
    Dame Pat Hodges DCSOL
Elevated to the Rank of  Dame Grand Commander of the Serene Order of Leonard for her outstanding dedication to her community and her grand performance as Manager of
Foodbank - Geraldton, Western Australia.

Dame Pat was first recognized in the PHR Honours list back in the 2009 New Year list.
Today she has nine years as full time manager under her belt, two of those years an unpaid volunteer. Dame Pat is the one that makes it all happen. Putting together and managing a team of both paid staff and volunteers, accepting, managing and training as well as supervising manpower placed in her care by the Dept of Justice with people serving out their Community Service time and others placed by Centrelink as part of an individual's responsibility under the "Work for the Dole" scheme of the Australian Commonwealth Govt. Dame Pat continually manages to maintain control whilst all is flying around her whilst at the same time she is also responsible for "finding" a lot of the stock that makes its way into the Foodbank-Geraldton warehouse and if Pat knows it's there, then Pat will get it!
Constantly bringing in new programs and ideas to help those in need, Dame Pat and her team constantly find innovative ways to assist those who most need it.

Dame Pats ongoing care and support of her fellow man, giving far more of her time and attention than she is paid to provide makes her the ideal recipient of
on-going recognition!

More may be learned about Foodbank - Geraldton by clicking here!

Read the article covering the reasons behind this Award.

Pat Hodges DGCSOL.



Sir Steven G.P. Baikie
KGCRO., ADC, Dip.Eng. (Electronics)
Western Australia

Effective this date, Sir Steven is elevated to the dignity of the peerage in the rank of Earl.
Sir Steven continues to support this Principality and in particular its Sovereign in the number of posts that he holds as well as support in general in all areas as he has done for many years.
Sir Steven has chosen the name of "Tankerness" as his Earldom since his ancestry has been traced back to the Orkney Isles where his ancestors were one of the original Chieftains of the Isles and Tankerness House/Hall, his ancestral family home remains still standing in Kirkwall Orkney, where it is open to the public as the Orkney Museum, complete with the old family library and much of its original furnishings.

He shall henceforth be known as Lord Steven Baikie, Earl of Tankerness.
Lord Steven G.P. Baikie KGCRO
., ADC, Dip.Eng. (Electronics)
Earl of Tankerness
Aide de Camp to HRH Prince Leonard.
Inspector-General - Diplomatic Security Force (DSF)
Field Marshal - Royal Hutt River Legion (RHRL)
Acting Minister Electronic Communications



Red Cross of Hutt

The Red Cross of Hutt is a parallel organisation to the International Red Cross
and the Red Crescent.
Headed by Royal Patron and Chair of the Board of Directors, HRH Princess Shirley, the Red Cross of Hutt Charitable Trust seeks to alleviate the plight of the most needy in our society through donations from ordinary people like yourself.
It is also used as the supreme recognition by this Principality, of the charitable works of people from all over the world in all sorts of areas and endeavours that are carried out
with the care of others utmost in mind.
Those honoured with being presented with this award have truly served
the care for others well.



Ethnic Communities Council of Western Australia Inc

ECCWA is Western Australia’s peak ethnic body. It advocates on behalf of migrants, refugees, members of ethnic minority groups and indigenous people. One of it's priorities is encouraging clients to learn English, read and use libraries to this end the Council involves itself in book fairs aimed at assisting migrants and refugees to integrate by providing them with books and electronic resources on Australian society and culture and encourage ‘mainstream’ Australians to understand minority groups by providing books and other resources on different cultures.
The ECCWA hopes to encourage cross-cultural interaction by holding events at which Western Australians from different cultures will have the opportunity to socialise while selecting books and enjoying light refreshments.

The Ethnic Communities Council WA (ECCWA) was established in 1975 as the International Communities Council.  It commenced as an association of a small number of ethnic organizations.  The main purpose for its formation was to establish a means of working on issues of mutual concern and to lobby government on the need for appropriate service delivery to people of diverse backgrounds. Over time the Ethnic Communities Council of WA has grown to be recognized as the peak organization representing the interests of various ethnic communities in this State.

It's vision
is to develop a fair and just society, one in which all people are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the community and are supported to reach their full potential, where diversity is valued and people live in harmony.

HRH Princess Shirley is pleased to announce the awarding of the Red Cross of Hutt Charity Shield to the ECCWA and along with HRH Prince Leonard trust that their work will continue on as it is something of much interest to the PHR also, given the large number of it's overseas citizens around the globe thus making the PHR a very culturally diverse country also.

Ethnic Communities Council WA (ECCWA)





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